The traitor from within learned peace

Something happened, I blocked you out. I feel everything strongly! Deeply and painfully. And you knew that! Yes, I am very sensitive…I used to take everything to the heart and quite personal… but since I blocked you out, I still take things to the heart but not personal!

You are the reason I saw no beauty in my reflection. I had not one thing to look at or feel worthy about! You were always there, when someone complimented me, you would laugh and say «if only you saw me closely, and knew me, you would see how cracked, how insignificant, I am» but something happened… I started to talk back to you and say “no, you are wrong, yes, I have cracks but I am still valuable.” I talked back every time you said something bad about me… Every time you made me feel less of a being… Every time you mocked me, I talked back and called you out your lies!

Something happened! You changed how you talked to me… When I get a compliment, You learned to say «yes, thank you I am indeed good at this» I don’t know when, but you started to believe I am worthy, and you started to be kind to me. Now you and I are one. You are no longer the traitor from within. You are my inner voice.

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