Vulnerability hangover

when I’m going through it, yes I go through the pain lane by lane babes I don’t jump over it lost in vein… Pain pain pain I feel it all write it down in pen and paper… Oh, how it hurts when fear creeps in and I feel ashamed for opening my mouth… It’s a disease oh yeah there is a name for it! it’s called ~ a vulnerability hangover…

I bite my tongue… Oh, I have said too much… Or perhaps not even enough! I don’t mean my story to be addictive, what I wrote out shouldn’t get you off… I’m healing peeling off the hard shell. When I expose the softness within… I mean. Let’s try again I am not ashamed of my story it just pains after I spill my guts, I heard there is a name for it… Vulnerability hungover

A vulnerability hangover is a gut-wrenching feeling that happens the moment we decide to get real about who we are, what we want, and how we express it.

Brené Brown

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