Lash out then collect ya self!

With this new day, I want to confess how nothing is clear at this moment. Instead of proclaiming what a new day this is or how new opportunities are here… I want to say Nah, truly it is just another day and I am clueless.

What is next? Are we truly supposed to chase our dreams? And if being talented/creative is the thing then why isn’t that enough? Do we have to shove our doodles down people’s throat?

And why can’t I just be healthy enough to go back to scrubbing toilet seats? and washing sweats off a gym machine. Or healthy enough to go back to working in an elder center. Why can’t I just be healthy enough to work as a nurse assistant or cleaning lady again? Those are the jobs that are always available.

Or have enough clear mind and concentration to go back to the school bench for the 13th time just to get some sort of degree to assure the world of my abilities and buy me some sort of grantee for a secure job to pay the bills on time and feed my babies…

I am however a talented creative mom of two with arthritis & hives. Who lives in a beautiful cold land.

Anyways right now I am on my way to hand-deliver my resume to a store. It is a new day after all. So wish me luck 🤓

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