I am not stressed I stressed…

Haha I can’t help but laugh. One time I said to my mom “I am not stressed” she took me in front of the mirror. It’s not unusual. My Hooyo brings me in front of the mirror. “look at you baby, you are beautiful when will you see that?” in my teens it was ” iyaah, look at your legs are you really telling me this is a trouser glued to your legs?” ha mama 10 years of living apart didn’t change her technique. This time it was look at you. Wide eyes dark, dry face messy hair. I am not stressed I stressed. But looking at my reflection I looked not only stressed but sleep deprived as well. I guess being a strong woman aka I can do it all takes it’s toll on you.


Sitting on my new fav chair unpacking in our new apartment… I can’t help but reflect on how fast time passes. Last year this time I was in a far away city. I was detached from myself but attached into oblivious… You can’t help someone who don’t see they need help. I stayed in for too long. But came out hopeful stronger. What I learned for sure is my worth. And what I don’t deserve. ❤️ I didn’t know before but now I know. Now I know dear, my soul and I have kissed and made up. We are good. We are at peace. And if I stress it won’t be over pleasing someone else. But the chase the fight the reach the climb. We are shooting for the moon now baby. ❤️

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