The Hut part 2

I grew found of the winter~ oh how pleasant and cold soft to the touch it was. I learned to walk on it, slowly and steadily. I bought the tools to attach to my feet when snow turned into ice. As if I was playing soccer, I had protecting tools for my knees and feet. My hut claimed winter storm as its own. All though I was warned not to switch on the lights for too long during the darkest hours… insects will come seaking the heat. I asked “are they blood sucking parasites?  If no then no problem… generosity in my genes. We all eat on the same plate. ( gacal isma cidhidhiye) welcome one and all. Nomads recognize one another ~ what a thrill it was to meet a storm Carrying  a hut carrying the scent of lighting and thunder. My hut offered it to stay and we would teach it to adapt to winter storms.

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