Published author? Who me? What? Elelelle 🥳

It’s just right to say that I have been published in two different books alongside brilliant authors before. 1: The VAW Journal, Voice of African Women Vol one. Published in 2020. 2: At What age Does my Body belong to me? Published in 2021.

And now I have my first Poem Collection out! Skriv det Ut published in 2022. Skriv det ut means Write it out. It has the same flow and style as my unpublished English poem collection.

Kids! If auntie Muni can do it so can you! I wrote books one sentence at a time! Mostly in bed, in between the agonizing pain of chronic illness and fatigue. while saving energy to give the little I have to my kids. My dreams are big you might laugh at me if I tell you all so I won’t.

In sha Allah (God willing) we will all achieve our goals and dreams in life. My hope is for us to be better for ourselves and the world. Take one day at a time, some days you gotta take one hour at a time.

On the days you feel like nothing matters, remember  It’s ok, not to feel ok. Your worth and value remain the same! You matter❤

A chain of beautiful events ❤

@flowers4ladan created a mental health check-in for a group of creative sisters on IG.

I virtually met @mzjojoab Jojo reads my blog and sends: “sis, do you ever plan on publishing your stuff it’s good?” I tell to her yes, sometime in the near future.

She says “sis, I know you are fatigued due to health issues and you are a single mom, I will gladly help you!  gather your unpublished poems in a document, I will edit and help you.”

I found my old and new notebooks and created the document.
Jojo read the whole thing in a day! «It’s a tender soft painful and beautiful book she says. »

We cry for joy!

From there I googled how to write a manuscript and a year later what I thought were words written in broken uneducated English turned out to be beautiful pieces.

The collection got approved for publication by two international publishing houses. But, and there is a big Butt here, pun intended!
Since I am an unknown author, the fee I have to pay was way over my pay grade so I declined both times and put my English poem collection on hold until further notice. However, the experience gave me the confidence to write a Norwegian poem collection.

Thank you Khadijo darling sister for giving me the gentle push I needed.
Thank you Ladan for creating a mental health check-in space.
Thank you my baby sis @iammakerow for  DMing me every publishing house in Norway and telling me to send them everything I  have coz that’s how much you believe in me.

As my baby brother Farhan says “mama we made it, hakuna bulala buelele” 😂🤩

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