Poetry by Demand Muni’s Spoken Word at Oslo Afro Arts Festival 2021

Meet Munira Maria Makerow (33)
Munira is a creative coffee lover single mother of two. From the horn of Africa(Somalia) now living in Norway. She is a published artist, poet, and painter. She is also the recent recipient of the Voices of African Women (VAW) most supportive of other women awards. Her greatest passion is to support and uplift women regardless of where in life’s journey they are. Munira is an instructor in various Courses, Flexid (flexible identity) courses to support youth with multicultural upbringing and flexible identities. She is also a Change Agent for the RKF foundation. Munira also works as a part-time interpreter. She is the voice behind THI (Tverr Kulturell Helse Info), a piece of cross-cultural health information on the Corona Virus videos in the Somali language. Munira has suffered with chronic autoimmune diseases from a very young age, but that hasn’t stopped her from being an advocate for survivors of rape. For years, she has raised awareness about sexual violence, rape, and abuse through her social media platforms and her art. Previous to that, she has traveled across Norway and many countries working tirelessly to break the taboo of speaking up. Munira uses her art to speak up from a survivor’s perspective. This introduction about me is written by my friend Rahwa Yohannes 😄 I want to use it every time I need to introduce myself 😁🥰


  • Public Speaker: Breaking the taboo of speaking up about Domestic Violence/Rape
  • Share my story as a survivor
  • Uplifting and Empowerment of Women and fellow Survivors of DV and Rape.
  • Performace Poetry/Spoken Word
  • Writing Poems/short stories by Demand
  • Collabration/guest speaker/podcast/ Digital Seminars/ co Writer
Muni as a guest Speaker: her space/ Time to talk/ host: Rahwa Yohannes

For further Info: Please write to me below or Direct message me on Instagram and I will get in touch.


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