Cut the umbilical cord to abuse

I said you seem to love me only when I am capable. When I can give of myself and expect nothing in return. And when I’m quiet and attentive… When I smile and laugh just a bit. Not too much and decently not too loud. When I take little to no space… When I show no signs of suffering… Or a need to be cared for… When I don’t ask for help and burden you with my sh!t. “Yeah, yeah you’ve been through a lot but shut up about it…” Kind of attitude… And I think you saw your old man (your father)when I flinched. And you hate it, that you saw your mother in me. Yeah, like how she slowly turned numb to ill-treatment… How you woke up one day and found out your mother’s laughter had become a myth. And I … I didn’t mean to become like her… Thus I cut the umbilical cord to the abuse… To hinder history from repeating itself …

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