taken out of the Trashcan

So there is this person I did not care to listen to… I had watched for five minutes of an hour long interview of them and decided their opinion like them belong in the trashcan…

Recently someone asked me: “So there is nothing they say that you agree with or even understand?” and I being all in my feelings at that moment said: NOPE nothing they say matter to me…

Well, I am in a place where I am scanning my mind… my thoughts and my feelings… and triggers… This person triggered me so much that I felt psychically sick only by listening to them for five minutes… But triggers are exactly what I am working on lately… therefore I searched them up and found over an hour long interview… Buckle up Muni, separate emotions from this and listen without judgment…

Yes, I still fundamentally disagree with their view on some issues! That been said… to my surprise: They make sense!! I stand corrected… not everything they say belong in the trash can, and neither do they.

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