Will you ever move back?

I had a lovely conversation with someone recently … We talked about many things…
Then they asked me if I ever would move back to Somalia…
If I would have the peace and safety I have in my new home country, in my motherland, yes in a heartbeat I said.
Even though part of the dream and hope for a peaceful and prosperous Somalia has been killed many times… There will always be a longing in my heart. Those who moved back home to make the country better, are killed and with every death, hope dies.
And yet…

Assure me no more harm
No more abuse of the poor
The orphan
The child
The girl child
No more robbery of the vessel
Allow people to get old and die of a natural cause
Ans, not a bullet, a bomb, a broken heart for the death of another son…
And yes a thousand times I will go back to Xamar and built a summer house in Sakow.

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