the men I helped?!

I have been blogging and sharing my thoughts on IG and FB actively since Nov 2018! Most of those who reach out to me and say that my story has helped them are women. However, counting till this day, five men have reached out to me saying I’ve helped them in some way.

One was angry, to begin with, he said «You forced me to see a side of me I did not know or wanted to admit existed.» How so? I asked… «when you spoke about the abuse you endured… At first, I got angry it felt like you were talking bout me, but couldn’t stop reading your stuff, I needed to know more, I felt like you were speaking to me. The questions you asked forced me to see things from a different perspective.» We had a long conversation. He thanked me and moved on with his life. I hope whatever good I awoke within him takes root in his being so he may change for the betterment of himself and those around him.

The second man, «you, by sharing your thoughts and experiences, you give us space to talk about these heavy topics too. And you checked me a few times to make me rethink my approach to trauma survivors including myself.» ah, this makes me happy! thank you

the third one, «I don’t have much else to say, but I love reading your blog, I read the whole thing, every post. some posts were private and required a password, but yes, I read them all and I just want to say thank you.» why, thank you brother, thank you!!

An email to my old email address: «I’m sorry for all the harm I’ve caused you, I have sought professional help now.» (This one, I hope it’s true! I wish you well and blessings.)

And then there is this brave man «I started to go to therapy, I too have been subjected to robbery of the vessel(rape) but was ashamed to tell anyone. I am now getting help thanks to you.» oh dear beloved soul, wherever you are, thank you for seeking help! thank you for reaching out. The road ahead of you is not easy, but worth the fight! In sha Allah (God willing)

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