oh, English

Something is brewing inside of me… I’m sorry I couldn’t read your book(Abid Raja) without being distracted with thoughts…

I should write this too out… I want to make my third or perhaps fourth cup of coffee this morning… is it morning? when its 12 pm? Half dressed, yes if I can’t be half naked at home where else can I? I also want to hug my sons and apologize for being too harsh at them when they started to tease and fight. One bothers the other one and cries when he gets pushed. I’m easily irritated today; my joints are aching its injection day. Also, my period is right around the corner… wait… this wasn’t what I wanted to write about… hmm… what was brewing inside of me?…

ah, yes, ENGLISH!

I started to join poetry clubs in clubhouse… it’s so much fun! it is a blessing to be able to listen to great poets and also share some of my pieces… some rooms do poetry prompt… and Of course I took part in that. it is a great way to develop my creativity. I am surprised to get such positive feedback!! people that have written books compliment my way of writing?! like wow, thank you!! I write because I love to, and because I have to. I love that I too can move others by what I write the way I am moved by their writing. And then there is the “accent” factor. LOL “oh you have a lovely accent” few people said… I don’t know what accent a have?! I don’t know what English I speak… for me, English is English. it is a language that I have learned. it is also the only language I seem to better express myself?! with all the languages in me English has become big part of me. I say I am a Somali living in Norway. I guess it’s a mix of accents that I’ve made mine.

Ah, and yes before I forget to celebrate this… My creative soul is being nurtured. I Basima and Khadijo I am so grateful for you!

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