At a Museum

At a Museum, an artist and an art collector

«I love art, I am looking for art pieces for my new apartment»… And that’s how we met… Staring at old paintings of landscapes alien to us both…

«You are a piece of art yourself,» he said turning to me… Stunned I looked around, surely we were the only ones in this section of the museum. «Colorful like autumn» I smiled indeed I am colorful, beautiful, and chaotic.

«You are a poet,» I said to him… «No, I am a lover,» he replied. And certainly a flirt

«What about you? Besides being cultured, colorful, and beautiful are you a lover too?»

«I am an artist, let’s start there,» I said

Cultured? What does that even mean? I will google that later... I won’t lie as cheezy that line was, he was beautiful to look at.

He said something funny I laughed… Hmm, he had a peaceful presence… Confident and collected man Until I stood up. I think it bothered him that he looked up at me. Oh boy. «yeah, sometimes I walk sometimes I roll» I sang parking my wheelchair. Yepp, I sang with the melody of Britney Spears’s song ~ Sometimes. He laughed… Great.

Jump to postponed coffee dates… Pretend getaways… It was a Beautiful idea, an imperfect framed picture… Of an Artist and an art collector.

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