A cry for love and a breakup song

Left confused baby,

How does “boy I need love and attention” turn into “baby, I’m trying to change, and shape you?”

Aren’t you aware? There is romance in the air…

roses and affection on sale…

Kun labo kun kilo iyo badh

Ali and Omar want to know me better, but… And there is a big BUTT here, pun intended…

But I got you on my mind…

Playing Yoncé on repeat I gotta erase you out of my mind…

“to the left to the left” bacdi madoweeda bananka ku taal

At the end of this song, you’ll be wondering what went wrong…

I started out this calaacal confused now I realize that’s abuse…

In the words of BOD Iga fuq kuma rabo

Word explanations

Kun labo kun kilo iyo badh – Somali: means – one thousand, two thousand one kilo and a half… A woman with a big behind is walking. As she walks her butt cheeks strike a conversation “One thousand, two thousand one kilo and a half, I will put you on sale,” says one butt, “no don’t put me on sale,” says the other buttcheek.

Ali and Omar: names of gentlemen

Yoncé : also known as Queen B Beyoncé

To the left to the left” is a line from a popular breakup song named Irreplaceable by Beyoncé.

bacdi madoweeda bananka ku taal – Somali: means – the black trash bag is outside for you. It’s a phrase used in the Diaspora… A Somali woman has had it enough with her man and his unfit ways… She puts his clothes in a black trash bag and puts it outside. To demonstrate she is done.

Calaacal : Somali – grievance, pleading…

BOD : also knowns as Bananas Overdose, is a mulit cultural east African Artist.

Iga fuq kuma rabo: Somali – let go of me, I don’t want you. It’s also a line from BOD’s song called Fuck Boi Farax.

Disclaimer; the author of this piece does not have a big behind… It’s all for the sake of art 😅

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