A new way of dancing

I danced today too… I danced yesterday while seated, of course, I think I have finally accepted it’s ok! I can learn a new way of dancing just as I have learned a new way of being… we evolve, we change, and change is ok… I think what bothered me the most is whenever I had a low pain day(low does not mean zero) I would dance and after 10 minutes I would move in a certain way that would upset many joints and we are back at it again with the suffering… but not yesterday, it’s not lack of trying, the old me stood up and tried to dance, then the new me told her to sit her ass down, gently of course… so I danced until my face and neck were soaked with sweat. ahh, the sweet feelings… I missed that. that good feeling after a good workout session.

I also did not tell myself, oh I will do this every day… I thought about it, but I didn’t say it… why? coz my health is unreliable. so I will take the good day that is today… and leave tomorrow for itself.

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