What is being beautiful?

What is “being beautiful?” When do you deem someone/something beautiful? Because I know one is beautiful even when one doesn’t feel such…

A marvelous storyteller revealed themselves to be more beautiful with each line as I read their story… So beautiful

So when you tell me “qurux ba kugu gobatay” you are so beautiful, Muni… Understand yes, I know… I believe you… I too experience myself to be beautiful… But I don’t think you share my view… Yes, my heart is disclosed in my openness(here is a kindhearted soul) but have you heard my thoughts? No? So these repeated words are just compliments on my face… Something so fickle…

I would love a “ girl, I can read you are beautiful, your beautiful mess is marvelous…your donkey-like laughter is to die for,” hehe you know don’t be afraid of the mushiness…

Being human…

To be read, heard, and felt… Now that is beautiful…

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