That 90s R&B type of ish

I didn’t know this when I was younger… But baby, you are not supposed to be with everyone you fall in love with. (Romanticly) There is compatibility… And there is energy… Do we understand one another? Do we have energy and space to allow one another?

And still… From time to time, I find myself wondering how this story will play out… Can we get to the end already? When will the purpose of our paths crossing be revealed? The suspense is killing me, baby… What’s my role in this? Am I the healer or the lesson? Are you a teacher or a trigger-happy fool? Ready set shoot…

Shoot, I might just be reassuring you that you are loveable. Ah, and what a beautiful role that is… To remind yet another soul how beautiful they are. Is it effed-up or a grown-up thing? Either way, I’m ok with it baby… Coz I’ve learned to love this about me.

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