The art of loving the complexity of mankind

On the nightstand, my candle is blown away… Darkness falls as the smoke rises

Hooked to the voice on the other side of my mobile phone… When will they call again?

At first, they are quick to replay always available… “When you need me call me, no matter where you are”

They are eager to make you laugh… It’s a friendship developing to corruption of one’s mind… You can’t wait to tell them about your crazy day…
you start to open up… Hooked

They start to slowly fade… Hours go… Text not replied… Excuses…

You’ve met but only in dreams. So why do you feel so effed up? Vulnerability hangover is a b!sh!

I think this is what they say behind my back. “When you need me call me, no matter where you are… But I know you are a good one so I will put you in a parking lot. I will look around and come back once I have not found someone better. And should you seem to have moved on, while I have yet not secured me a charming one, I will holla at ya, remember I still remember how to make you laugh don’t I? And you, my darling, like a fool will do this again… If not with me, with someone else.”

The effed-up part… They are right! I am a sucker for love. The potential of it all… Even if I don’t get it, I admire it. I adore it. I wish for it. Of course, I wish for it. why would I not? The good thing is… Lately, I know how to move along… How to make false promises to myself. I will never let anyone come this close again; I say to myself. I’m done! Yeah right… Knowing damn well, it is my nature to be curious about someone. What made them? How do they talk how do they think? How do they love?

The art of loving the complexity of mankind will often time leave you confused… Weird how someone can put so much effort into getting close to you… And suddenly fade out into the dark like the smoke that rises from the candlelight on my nightstand.

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