My old friend

My old friend was a beautiful round-faced bad B! Hardshell and loudmouth… But when she quenched her thirst she was the softest… You would be cruel not to want to protect her. Way before I earned the title mommy… This girl called forth the mother in me. And the effed-up part in me went on a quest to save her from her demons… While I was trying to pray the brokenness out of her… My own cracks started to bleed… Revealing how I was broken in my own way… I too was intoxicated but on the grief… Instead of burning water & trees, I was getting high on loving the sorrow out of people… Call me the vampire of sorrow… I had to heal them until my love become obnoxious, and sickening to them… I would say: No don’t say bad things about yourself, I can’t hear you cursing yourselfCurse me instead. The effed-up parts.

I hope she is well wherever she is… And that she too finally learned to be kind to herself.

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