I am more

I am more than a face

More than a smile

More than a walk, more than a while

I am depth of a well, sit a mile with my bones they will tell you the truth…

I am a safe

Secrets kept in a dragon’s den

I am a lover of peace

I don’t throw stones I plant them tender
Even if thorn grows out and I crash land on dead soil… I’ll take it. Bite bitter dust, better than sweet poisoned trust.

I am more… Perhaps the parts you recollect too… I might be part sheep baaaaa
part ship, I sail away from harm
In pursuit of harmony.
I am more.
More than a face

more than a smile

More than a wink and a while…

If you can’t grasp that
I am for sure, not your typical lamb… If need be a dragon resides in me…

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