time to heal to dream

I have been asked the same question, during a very tough time… “what are you doing? What are you contributing to this world?” as if my mere existence was not a miracle in itself. I did not have an answer to that question as to the one who raised it was none other than the enemy in my bed. If you weren’t an ambitious girl like myself, this wouldn’t have hurt you the way it did, oh and they know that… They have heard us dream out loud about… Things we want to accomplish and how much we yearn to give! That’s why they ask this hideous question not because they are curious, but because they are making a statement… You are garbage to this world you mean nothing and do nothing. When these questions kept pilling on me, our second child was only a few months old… Beloved, just like me, your body didn’t get time to heal from delivering your second born! When they asked you these stupid questions!

What we are not doing is: kicking people down, breaking their spirit, or harming them! We are instead healing. Healing from childbirth, healing from our childhood trauma, learning to love ourselves. So we don’t pass down to the next. They go to the gym and build their muscles, which is fine by all means… But baby girl, we are doing the heavy lift! Retraining our entire mind and inner system… We are not self sabotagers nor are we toxic to those around us. Those who have no dreams and aspirations talk loud and talk down on those who do. So to hell with them and their rotten mind.

Ps. Your existence is a miracle, you being the wonderful soul that you are is a blessing.

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