Is there anyone without issues? ðŸ˜…

Yes, I have got issues… Trust issues… I don’t know all my triggers yet… I haven’t worked through all my traumas. Yes, I’m fucked up! But not fucked up enough to wanna fuck up your life! I am nobody’s problem. Incoming hyper independence… But my own. I am learning to listen and to reassure myself when I feel vulnerable. I can’t let you soothe me because I’m scared that will disturb my system. Escaping co-dependency and fawning tendencies. Sometimes my nervous system may not differentiate an immediate danger from emotional flashbacks. Complex PTSD at its finest… I am but a woman under construction. A beautiful soul with cracks. Worthy of kindness. Tenderness and safety. And I will do my best to give these to me.

I also have a bottomless ability to empathize and see the good in people. Yes, I can look at the people who exposed me to the ugly side of humanity and wonder how they got there?! Who has hurt them? What made them that way? And when it comes to the end… I want everyone to get help and live. Far away from me of course. 😄

Now, I know this about me, how about you? In this day and age? Who here is without issues Eh?

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