It’s frustrating to be in this body! I love it, its beautiful it does the job of keeping me alive. But it’s also limiting, I can’t blame my body for that, its my health! its such an unreliable thing! I am not the same energy wise through out the hour, let alone the day. When I’m tired, its not tiredness but a disabling fatigue. I am in pain every freaking hour of the day. It is just the level of the pain that varies. This is chronic illness, my disability is dynamic! dynamic such a pleasant sounding word until you combine it with. Disability! nothing is pleasant about that. And when I have to explain myself for being up on my feet today with a walking stick, when you saw me on a wheelchair yesterday… aaaah it’s frustrating! I get it, we love boxes and absolutes. What can I say, its dynamic baby, dynamic disability.

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