33 meet 21

I wrote something about how I would see myself if I befriended myself when I was 21.

Longing to be loved, the heart in your sleeves keeps falling like autumn leaves. Colorful attire you are ready to distract people from looking at your face for too long. Curly or afro, red hair or braids you wear summer dresses with selves and legwarmers all year long. Bubly girl, up and dance whenever if you didn’t feel restrained by norms you would dance wherever. One would think you are free by your joyful personality. But you know otherwise. You, mask your brain… There is depth to you, but you don’t let it show. Unable to enjoy your own company, yet you choose not to burden others by keeping yourself busy. Always crushing over somebody, poems in the diary, living in a fairy tale you find it hard to like life as a reality. Resilient, naive beautiful girl, things you don’t believe to be true about you. (Resilience, naive and beautiful)

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