Quiet, please

Hush the noise, like a sponge, suck up all that boils hot or cold turmoil in it goes… For it, it’s a taste of heaven outcomes a spit from the serpent… Repent repent words fall at the feet of sinners in a doorless tent…

Refuge camps get in line with stolen food stamps…

Pfft, a well-dressed hound still hauls. Pawpaw paw undesired paws, smelly alley, we heard the hen crossed the road before it too became a toast.

Knee deep in the snow, smiles are free here if you please, after years of therapy.

So what if you fell once or twice or thrice? Give them a map to recover, call them little discovery…

Pity, please, miss them with the donkey shit, who else do you carry? And so what if they said Mary had a camel instead? Sing your songs and keep yourself strong, let them sing with a hoarse voice…

Hush and let people be it’s really easy to let the caterpillar do the thing…


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