Don’t people outgrow shitty behaviors?

An elder man was getting out of a parking spot, he waved his hand to suggest we move aside, being raised Somali means respect your elders so, we did as he asked. All though, he had plenty of space to move his car around. As we sat in my sister’s car we both smiled at the elderly man. “oh he needs more space to get out of the parking lot safe” my sister. Behind us stood another car. The elderly man waved his hand again telling us to give him more space. My sister being polite to an elderly did as he asked. The eldely man, came out of the parking spot and instead of making space for us to get in, he blocked us from entering parking his car right in front of us. He waved his hand as welcome, come in, this time not at us, but to the car behind us. Baffled by the disrespect, my sister and I looked at the car behind us, behold a white lady sat patiently. Uh uh now his age did not matter, all I could see was a disrespectful ugly soul. We protested by waving hands and heads saying “oh no you won’t uh, uh ma dhaceyso tan” long story short, the lady didn’t accept his disrespectful invitation. Good on you sis.

Ppst… What’s up with my neighbor‘s city and her parking lot? This is the third incident within this year…I’m wondering if the clan have meetings there 😅 and also this is the city I met discrimination face to face the first time as a 17-year-old. But that is a tale for another day.

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