Fragile untameable

whenever I tried to get closer to God, an unseen chain of my brokenness brings to light to reveal just how broken and weak parts of me are. And if I’m not careful, a hyena may smell my woundedness and unfortunately, a hyena digging his teeth into my flesh felt home.

Tales of body-grown little girls.

Psst, what is worse than witnessing your soul leave your body as a hyena takes a chunk of your flesh, is witnessing someone you love experience the same thing and you helplessly close your eyes and wish to cease to exist. Did you know that? A hyena is someone who is a robber of vessels for souls.

But also to my surprise, there is a stubbornness inside that prohibits me from being tamed! Broken yes, tamed? Never! It seems after all… With cracks and all, on the days I am unable to pray, someone had me in their dua’s. And however fragile, we learn to walk again. And if we can’t walk, we sit with our backs straight. And if we can’t sit, we hum to songs with our spirits up. No matter what we learn to laugh and enjoy the little things in life. And slowly but surely we start to see that all though we felt we were far from our creator, The Almighty was never far from us. So we learn to say alhamdulillah ala kuli hal. Gratitude for every life lesson may we continue to be lovers of peace. Restored little girls in grown woman bodies.

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