The youth

you are late again Arne”; said Bjorn taking a sip from his lukewarm black coffee. “Ah, I am just in time,” said Bjorn lifting his beltless washed-up pair of blue jeans. People say you imitate those you hang with however, Arne and Bjorn were nothing alike. Where Arne is punctual always as if he is expected to toast at a wedding, he is dressed to impress, with his ironed shirt, and trousers, and polished dark leather shoes. Bjorn threw on a t-shirt and jeans, as long as his boots match his baseball cap, Bjorn was ok with showing up late. Arne stood up taking another sip from his coffee and walked out with his buddy. One can tell the years they have lived by their twitched careful walk.

A lady in a blue polka dot dress asked the waitress what coffee was the tastiest. “you see, I’m not used to these fancy drinks but what harm will it do to try one now?” she asked with girly giggles. The adorable lady had white ballerina shoes matching her silky white hair. “yes let me try that one” she said to the waitress pointing at the caffé au late with caramel and cream on top. The waitress smiled then hurried towards the coffee machine.

Psst… I watch people, strangers, I admire them, study them, I wonder what stories they hold… Sometimes like today, I fill in the blanks and make a story inspired by the people I see. Do you too look at people like walking talking unprinted books? 😄😂 yes we all have stories to tell.

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