Spiraling cleaner

On a good pain day, I decide it’s time to deep clean my kid’s room. Once or twice a week a deep cleaning is a must. From cleaning under their beds suddenly I’m in the kitchen to put away plates then I’m in the living room to clean under the couch. Somehow it takes the entire day to clean. By the time I’m done, the house is shiny and I’m aching all over my body. Here come days of flaring up. It’s like when I have an assignment, I create art pieces and write a poem here and there before I commit to the job and deliver… I have accepted this a while back, oh woman, I’m just wired like that… Like a spiral, I go in circles to do one thing, but by doing one thing I do everything. Remember I said on a good pain day! Coz this body is on loan 😄 mostly its sole purpose is to keep me alive with pain and all 🙌🏽🎉💜 I’m grateful to it. It’s my home. #chronicallyill #autoimmuned

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