Your story matters

Write your story, tell me (us the world) about your journey. How did you get here? Tell me what made you laugh until your tummy ached, what felt like a fist twisting your chest? Tell me about how it felt to get up… Did you too crawl out of a pit? Did you too learn how to talk when you become a grown-up? Tell me what it is like to be you? Isn’t it wonderful to have a body? I would think so, no matter how limited or unrestricted we are in our bodies. I think it’s good to have a face and some of our senses & sanity intact. 🤣
anyways, please write your story and read it to yourself, to us with love, compassion, and utmost respect. (Carry your story with elegance, never let it be something used to put you down) uh uh!
Remember keep your head up, and be humble at heart.

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