My bubble burst

Bust my bubble won’t you?

My confidence scares you…

How I speak kindly about me

How I know I am sufficient for me and anyone around me

Should it rain dance I don’t chase away gray in soothing blues I stay…

Come what may

foggy days too pass away…

Away you can not stay

You crave my joy day after day

It’s what I cook, No! It’s how I cook the ingredients of life’s flavor, come from tears, joy, and laughter

See one cant come to be without the other, without the bitter salty weather, rainbows aren’t born without a storm…


My bubble burst from dust my sunrise

One day… I hear that a lot! I say it to myself. One day it will all be all right,! One day it will all make sense… Will it though? Will it one day make sense? Are we supposed to make sense of the madness? Or are we just meant to learn to live with the consequences of it?

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