Tell me a story

Every grown up that came to visit our home, be it a distant relative or a neighbor, I would sit next to them and ask for a story. I learned every folklore was differently told from mouth to mouth. I didn’t mind if I had heard it before… I listened eagerly awaiting for Dhagdheer to be defeated. Or Dawaco to be outsmarted by diin diin… Neither they nor I knew that I was a storyteller in the making.

Dhagdheer : a scary Somali folklore Dhagdheer was a lady who had one long ear, she had a super hearing, she lured lost children to her house to feed and eat them. It can remind you of the witch with the Candy house. Oh yeah hearing about her kept kids indoors after the sunset. ( by the way the sun sets around 5pm through the year)

Diin & Dawaco : a funny Somali children’s story. Diin = turtle & Dawaaco = fox.

And FYI I haven’t outgrown asking for stories… I still get excited… So tell me a story 🥰

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