Being born a woman

part one

Being born a woman oh what a burden that I had a body that was never truly mine! How I carried it could either bring disgrace to a whole bloodline or it would be a factory to print out mini versions of a man.

If robbed, I was at fault somehow a tiny part of my body could make grown men forget how to be decent… they forget the meaning of consent… 

If a man chose to leave it too was my fault for I had let myself go and allowed my hips and belly to get equally round 

tick tock gray hairs and saggy boobs talk…

part two

To be a woman gentle of firm,

Should I walk like a model or a soldier, I am equally valuable.

My voice matters and my opinions matter and in fact, my worth is not determined by whether I give birth or not!

I am a woman 

To be left alone so I may grow to be just who I want to be.

If someone does me wrong, no it is not my fault! Not to blame the length of my skirt or the eyeliner under my niqab.

#metoo yes, you will be held accountable, this is the era we speak up!

And should anyone be ashamed let it be the robber.

I am a woman my own body-mind-soul

I will walk with my head up unashamed unafraid.

What a blessing it is to be.

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