Don’t grow bad seeds in you

lights on me…day three… I was forced to see myself as an unknown entire being! shadows emerge from secret places… Did I just envy a lady for walking pretty? From my window like a bitter soul, did I just wish I could go wiggling my tail like a dog out for a walk?!! Envious…

I caught myself… Uh uh, bitterness won’t be grown in my home… I won’t allow bad seeds to grow within me. Say protect you from the evil eye, Muni, say mashaAllah to the lady. MashaAllah I said to her, shameful of my envious thoughts.

See now, who else is there to blame? Shaytan is locked up. Isn’t it so in my nature to want more? But also alhamdulillah a thousand times alhamdulillah one; for everything! And two; for my guarding angel who caught me from drowning in self-pity. ~ Anything can become a habit tasty like honey and milk when we put our minds to it.

May we love and get addicted to good things. Kind things. Pure intentions Ameen🤲🏾🙏🏾

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