My life and what I give to you

My life is not just for me it’s yours too. By this, I don’t mean take it! No, I give you from myself by being of service… In listening… In loving and sharing my healing with you.

My purpose is not to live just to die. Even wounds have a purpose.. when you hurt… I feel.

I’ve learned to love myself and I want you to love yourself.

The universe calls us to heal

To be of service ~ to one another

To be kind and to be full of love, even when in pain…

Published by Muni_Mar

Heloooow and mahadsanid(thank you) for visiting my blog. I'm Munimar(combo of my two names) I'm a mother of two darling boys, a Creative soul, lover of Coffee & Kindness. I am a survivor and it's my mission to inspire and encourage my fellow survivors. Say hi😊

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