Osman the cap driver

Her face sparkled like a star in the moonlight, I took down the windows to let in the cold breeze. We drove for hours and she kept looking at the mirror as if she was expecting to see someone or something. – there is no one behind us, and no one drives to the outskirts of the village at these hours I said to calm her. But she kept looking. – are you sure you, you want to drive me home? She asked with an angelic voice that made the hair on my arms stand. I nodded. She stared at me with big hazel eyes, – you want to drive me home? She asked again looking concerned as she tilted her head to the side. – ehem I cleared my throat, – yes I want to drive you home I said. And that when I saw the golden castle appear out of nowhere.

But Osman, there is no such castle Ridwan says, as he sits next to my hospital bed. “you were found naked in the city’s junkyard.”

I close my eyes, my head hurts, my tongue tastes like rusted metal but when I close my eyes I can still smell her. – She smelled like a mixture of cinnamon and roses I say and look away.

I hear the hospital staff and my relatives whisper across the room. Miskeen Ala Wu ku dhuftay ~ poor man, he has lost his mind, they say but I know what I saw. To deny her existence is to deny a seeing man his sight.

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