A piece I wrote for writers project a while back

Dear Muni, you little girl in a grown woman’s body! You have no idea how precious you are. How the little poems you write and the art you create are going to move people. How the pain and heartaches you face, will shape you to become a beautiful soul. You think you don’t matter, but that isn’t true. your art will heal people as much as it heals you. You will be brave and share your story even the ones you think you will take to the grave. You will share them and that will start a healing process for you and those with who you cross paths. You feel so tiny in your being, but you aren’t meant to be invisible. You matter and your words matter. One day you will be confident and learn to see the beauty in yourself. You will learn to love yourself starting from your flaws. Oh, you have no idea how you will find refuge in blank pages and fill them with your words. You will rejoice upon reading your short poems. You will write heartbreaking beautiful pieces. Yes, you will learn to make peace with yourself. One day you will learn to accept your melancholic soul. You will no longer deny yourself of Loving the foggy days, the rainy days the most. That’s when you feel at home. Beautiful little girl, you will learn that sadness can coexist with joyfulness. You will learn that by trying to erase gloomy moods from your essence you are gaslighting yourself. Of course, you have suffered a great deal of loss. Of course, you will have sadness in you. But that doesn’t hinder you from laughing genuine laughter and that a lot. You will learn the medicine in having a great sense of humor. You won’t take yourself too seriously just wait and see you will learn to laugh at your jokes and in fact, you will think you are so funny. (Which you are😄)

Munira Maria Makerow


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