No, you may not

No, you don’t have a right to watch my life, how I raise…

How I healed from the arrows shot out your sunken mouth…

Your jaws dug in deep to my flesh oh how you fed…

Gloating that you are only doing what your fathers did… And their fathers before them…

To ask for a bite, and should one deny you a bite, you take what you like… Don’t you?

And what you can’t have must be tarnishing and turned to ashes?

Well the graves you dig can’t hold women like me… Time after time we rise

and should we fall it won’t be for long… We rise again to be leaders in our tales…

no I don’t hold grudges but I recognize a changed man and you are not

How dare you think you have a right to a front seat in my show? This is my show I’m am the hero, my life is a story still in the making, day by day I am healing, living & rising. And the answer is NO.

Allahuma manajna God forbid

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