NO Name for this one

The rise and fall

the rise and fall of life

At dawn we soar at noon we stumble

life in the shadows

the piercing through one’s mind,

have you yet learned to differentiate the peaks of love from the sparks of lust?

the mud the dust, the smell of cow stool smeared in your walls what for? If not to keep the foundation of your home… Steady.

Study, explore, and express

the light that comes through the cracks of a sealed window…

Tell them the dogs howl when a Black widow doesn’t mourn

And tell them some cut off their legs to save their heads…

Tell them it’s better to get lost and find yourself than be owned

Oh tell them my voice is my wings, and like the butterfly, I too must fight my battles

Struggle is the rise and fall

Not a riddle, not a puzzle it’s being alive and living

Home sick? Or are you longing? Belonging here and there… Do you see how you float? You fit in wherever you lay your head

So go ahead and breathe it’s a daily thing to set oneself free

Free mind body and soul come back to yourself its here you belong deeply rooted…

with your roots planted be fruitful with kindness

The ground you sleep on will one day become the ground you sleep in…

Oh my darling, is it life you worry about? Something so fleeting? What more assurance do you need but the unassisted ability to inhale air through your nose?



you are here…

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