Naftada mala hadasha? Do you ever talk to yourself?

Maxuu wadnahagaa mar walba la oyneyaa? Why does your heart always cry?

… Maxeey dhagahagu umaqlaan ilamda qarson? Why do your ears hear silent tears?

Isla weynidaa Maxaad isla xijiisa… Kuwi kahoreeyeyba codkoda la maqli wa… How arrogant are you? When The voices of those before you went unheard…

Lakin aamuusi kari meysidee, qeyli bal intad awoodo… But you can’t keep quiet, so shout as much as you can Kolkad daashona, ayaamo yara naso…and when you get tired, rest for some days, Deedna soo laabo, dhawaq ku dhufoo… Then Come back and scream Wallow aad durwaga ka dhicisa dhalaan kalee… By this perhaps You might save some children from the hyenas

Speak up… Hush and take a break… Rest… Scream louder next time you speak up!


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