32 years old me.

… sees life as a big piece of art. Life with her thick lines of screaming colors and chaotic turns.

32 years old me, I am a woman who knows what she wants in life. Still honest and genuine. 32 years old me will tell you what she needs. What she can or can not/won’t.

32 years old me, I am confident. Compliments are appreciated but not a need.

I don’t give a flying frog… (And will put you in your place if needed) or keep it going and brush you off… Because we are travelers and perhaps some need to move ahead with their Journey in peace without anymore load on their backs… For they carry heavy already.

And truly only I can give myself the love I crave for I am healing old & new wounds by self-love.

I am growing mindfully 32 years old me… Ha, what a fun mindset I have. 😄 32 years old me…I’m grateful.

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