Here we go again

… Healing is messy they say right? I’m upset with myself more than I am about your right hook. Damn it… How didn’t I see you? Like really see you?

I am growing out my hair long again

… Isn’t that growth? Isn’t that healing? That I don’t see your face behind my reflection whenever I comb my hair… My scalp seem to have healed from the force in your hand as you pulled my hair out…

You taught me that Bloody teeth can be mistaken for a lipstick… Swollen lip could be mistaken for a passionate kiss…

nothing is how it seems and behind closed doors not every heart feels safe at home. But guess what? I am safe at my own home. And I have learned how to kick with broken bones. I am fiercest I am a dragon I am a lioness and a momma bear. I chant these affirmation as I exhale out painful past… Rest assured I am healing… Oh yes I am.

#Triggered tonight

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