My little humans 🥰

the kind of love that melts my heart when their tiny arms stretch for mommy’s hug. The sound of their laugh warms my entire being. I am filled with Gratitude, so grateful for being their mother. The instinct to guard and protect them from any harm. The knowledge that neither is in my power but I surely can pray for them and teach them about kindness and do my best. My sons are two completely different humans with different needs and personalities.

It terrifies me sometimes, «this day to day life of ours is their entire childhood.»Like my friend Kaddi said. Whatever I do, how I speak to them, my mistakes, and memories we are now creating will be their childhood memories. It will take part in shaping them. It is a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Children deserve safety love and to be nurtured. I am doing the best I can. The rest is in the hands of the Almighty. My job is to be their mother, the one who loves and will always love them unconditionally.

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