Out with the scissors

I love you


For you have taken the spade far too many times and dug my grave while I picked out thorns from your heart.

I guess it’s true, no one can ever heal you… But you

And instead of facing your demons and fixing your inner

You fixate on me, do you have new sins of mine to put up on your gallery? I guess not, you keep shining a light on my lessons my past. When they are what made me this precious jewel you can’t seem to kill.

My name is your favorite food to chew and my name will never be bitter or a curse upon you.

So bless you, my dear. May you find inner peace

And like I said I will never not love you.

But love you I shall from far a distance you won’t know the walls between us even in your presence. You will know this is about you by the way your heart sank when you read this.

yes, I know, I knew all along, but a broken shell I was, forgiving time after time, forgetting the dirt you threw true and false just anything that would make you seem taller than I am.

but something clicked in me today. You know about the click right? You have witnessed how stubborn I am with it. How once the click clicks, there is never a bridge to lead you to the depth of my love. My cup is overfilled, you won’t change your hateful loving ways. So I will change my forgiveness. This time forgiveness is boundaries. I am not the same girl anymore haven’t you noticed? I don’t hate myself anymore. My dear why should I let you love me in a hateful way? Like love me when you are with me and hate me deeply when others speak a little bit of goodness on my behalf?

I won’t wait around for the answer.

Out with the scissors

Cut you out.

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