Wordplay fav dish ~ Attiéké ~ recipe for shaax

Cassava births Attiéké
What a dish to delight up on! oh my❣ is that baklava bites on the table?

giggles and tickles

you don’t hand coffee you say? You are more of a tea person eh?

Well if it’s tea you are serving may I come with some suggestions?

Forget the water cooker and try a kettle
My dear, boil your water and milk with minced fresh ginger,
It’s for the extra hot sensation to chase away the cold down your throat.
While you are at it, add four to five cardamom pods, a stick of cinnamon, throw in some cloves and a teabag, never mind in which order, now boil them all… (Add your chosen amount teaspoon of sugar, if you like it sweet)

Hmm inhale the sweet smell or shaax /chai. 🌺

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