For a while, I thought about the reason for our paths crossing, while I folded laundry I thought about it. But all my attention can’t be given to thoughts of you, so I pause and blow and kiss my toddler’s hand. His big brother pushed him he says, I saw it. It was more like a little nudge but it was enough for him to need mommy’s comfort and attention. I picked him up and rubbed his tiny hand that was three times smaller than mine. I kissed it and blew air on it. Soon my toddler was happy and back to playing with his car. “Vroom”

Back to the table with a pile of clothes I wondered why our paths crossed.

Oh don’t get me wrong, this is not out of regret or bad vibrating thoughts. Oh no, it is all from genuine curiosity and the need to find the deeper meaning of it all! You see I believe everything happens for a reason. Some reasons make perfect sense while others make absolutely no sense to us!

After I sang lullabies and kissed my children goodnight, just like that the air was clear. While I sat with my feet crossed laughing at the screen, watching Schmidt overreact by the scarf his wife got him, I gasped by the reason for our paths crossing.

Now I can’t speak for you or who I am to you or what in you, I was sent to speak healing to and show kindness to but, I know the universe orchestrated this to confirm to me that I have it all within me.

Love ~ kindness ~ softness ~ bravery ~ strength ~ vulnerability ~ confidence transparency ~ fear ~ insecurity ~ love and so much love.

You were the vessel used to awaken the feels ~ chills and thrills, but not the soul to nest with.

And with that knowledge and with a grateful heart did I place your page in a book on the library of my mind.

Merci ~ Chao

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