Be empowered a child without parents

My child, I pray may you know your power. I want you to know how precious you are how valuable you are. So that nothing and no one in this world will ever make you believe otherwise. There is no one like you and there will never be, you are unique and irreparable. I want you to know peace, be a child, and paint your art a little longer. Sleep and eat without fear. Know that you are loved and you matter. I stretch a hand to you today. Because you deserve love, care. You deserve better. I hope you will do good for yourself and those after you tomorrow. But even if you decide not to, you deserve love.

I will always believe you, believe in you, empower you. I know of the war, hunger, and drought. A child without a caregiver I have been that. All I wish is for you to know peace deep inside your heart and be a self-aware secure human. So that nothing may shake your roots apart. And as long as I live I will believe you, believe in you, and empower you.

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