Always a seat by a window, you won’t need a phone to distract you from the crowd. Don’t you just love watching people passing by? Everyone carrying themselves. A packed bag, a skateboard, and a baseball cap backwards. Everyone is either walking, limping, running, or standing and waiting for someone or something.

As your eyes bounce from one to another wonder, how is their day? Is he frowning because of clammy weather? Or is it someone at work? Does she even have a job? Is it family? Are they lonely? is there a pet waiting for him at home?

And what about her? Is she wearing red to be seen today? or does she feel confident in her own skin? what was that smile? did he see the girl looking at him from the coffee shop? yeah, she is cute, you see her too don’t you?

Sometimes my bouncing eyes catch someone looking at me, I feel exposed, caught in doing something weird, intruding in peoples life trying to know them by how they walk and talk… without interacting with them, I feel like a thief caught red-handed, but I smile, before I look down or look away, I smile to them. sometimes they smile back with a nod, sometimes they don’t. and I keep browsing through the crowd, looking while I remember to drink my coffee before it gets cold.
Sometimes I see a little girl walking with her head down, looking insecure, I say a prayer. Suddenly I remember to pray, I pray. I pray. for her for them may you never discover the ugly side of humanity I pray. feel drained by this so now, I look away, I look for nature. A tiny bird hovering over a tree, branches moving, some leaves had fallen adding color to the rocks of the streets. Flower pots on windows, the grey sky, and those shy clouds. inhale… exhale… life is beautiful. It is beautiful to be alive.

Published by Muni_Mar

Heloooow and mahadsanid(thank you) for visiting my blog. I'm Munimar(combo of my two names) I'm a mother of two darling boys, a Creative soul, lover of Coffee & Kindness. I am a survivor and it's my mission to inspire and encourage my fellow survivors. Say hi😊

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