When we open up and scare ourselves!

How irrational is the heart that fears of losing things, places, hearts it never had… And what is so bad about losing something, someone anyway? Aren’t we all travelers who stop to meet and greet while we rest for a bit? just to continue on our quest?

Perhaps it’s the generosity of these souls. How kind and tender-hearted they are. So easy to allow them to soothe us.

When we open up and scare ourselves… Suddenly here we are out of our shells, vulnerable… Telling tales we keep in our hidden shelves.

Perhaps it’s the knowledge that part of us will exist in a faraway land… In the mind of someone we trusted… Perhaps it’s how sometimes stories can be molded into arrows to pierce the heart they bleed out from… Perhaps it is the fear of mistaking the nature of the friendship and thus creating confusion that may lead to complications and alas you become strangers again

Just this time you are people who were once close now pretending to be strangers…

Perhaps its the fear of losing them…

Fear of losing them is what it is. Ay ay ay… Addictive being we meet again…

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