To belong not to be owned

My dear stop walking with a glove to shape free souls 🌻 to make them fit in spaces and places like a mind too small for their essence… amongst the beautiful creatures roaming this earth, find those who fit to fill your space. Don’t try to force too big beings into your hut. Your hut will be a dinosaur’s den for someone one day.

But I am an elephant you can’t begin to comprehend me let alone own me… Have you not heard that I am my own and that belong to me alone? The peace you see didn’t come easy… And I wouldn’t alter my being for anything…

Yanci qof aad isku socod tihin…

Yacni Ha cidhidin hana cadabin naftadaa, daruuraha in aad soo aruurasato deedna barkato riyo hakaga ekaato.

I want to belong not to be owned…

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